In Summmmmerrrrr!

(You know you totally just read that like Olaf sang it)

I remember when Sophie was just few hours old and I was doing the “oh-so-important” skin to skin bonding with her.  I burst into tears to which Sean thought something was wrong.  “I’m going to blink and she’s going to be one,” I sobbed.  Then one day I woke up and she was four.  No longer a baby, no longer a toddler (I guess?) she’s a little girl with her own personality, her own likes and dislikes, her own little world.

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Sophie’s Birth Story, as told by Sean

One week from tomorrow we will be parents to a FOUR YEAR OLD.  Seriously?

Watching all the World Cup coverage brings back a lot of happy (and tiring) memories for myself as I was 9 months pregnant with Sophie.  Sean and I had just celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary, I was tired, I was big, but despite being 2,500+ miles away from all my friends and family, I was never alone.  I didn’t even so much as have to lift my head up to ask for something.

As most of you know, the way Sean gets into soccer is a little on the crazy side.  There have been times where I thought he was going to collapse from a heart attack, or be moved to tears.  I guess growing up in the Pacific Northwest it’s just the norm!

In August 2010 Sean wrote a blog about the weeks before Sophie was born and the weeks after.  I happened to come across it in an old folder and bawled my eyes out as I’m sitting here thinking “How did it all go by this fast?”


Sophie’s Birth Story : A Sean Blog


If I had to pick one word to describe my collective jumble of emotions right now that would be it. Elated. It had competition from other fine words such as “tired”, “exhausted”, “beat”, and the always popular “drained”. In the end though elated won out. We have a baby. Sophie Jean Christensen was born July 1st at 5:06pm. She weighed in at a robust 7 pounds, 15 ounces. Of course all of you reading this blog already know that because my beautiful wife has been writing about it for exactly 8 weeks now. I on the other hand am a little late to the blogging party. Fear not though dear reader for I too shall share my side of the story as well. It goes a little somethin’ like this…

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Three letters

Holy. freaking. crap.  It has taken me WEEKS to finish this blog, why?  I don’t know? Candy Crush? DVR’d crap on TV? Sigh.

Suck it, Maria Kang

Suck it, Maria Kang

So it’s like deja-vu 2005 having all of these back-to-back surgeries.  As i’m sure you figured out after reading my last jumbled blog post, after 4 days in the hospital I had a surprise surgery on February 19th.  THEN, 2 weeks ago I had one on March 14th.  My body is tired, I am tired, the medications cause me to swell plus being pumped full of fluids in the hospital, I feel miserable. I’m not rapidly gaining weight either thankfully, I just feel like a ball of ick.  This last surgery was supposed to be the LAST one.  I’ll be having another April 30th, and THEN have radiation this summer.

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Brainpocalypse 2014

Hey, I’m trying to laugh about it!  Only name I could really think of, but yes, I’m totally blaming being sedated.

(EDIT 2/27 – Seriously, don’t read past this point.  I’m surprised I could even put my fingers on the keyboard to TYPE a blog.  I was on a Dilaudid pain pump that only locked out every 8 minutes.  I was feeling so incredibly scared since for one of the first times since my AVM diagnosis, I had more to lose than I ever did.)

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It’s been over a month since my last blog and for no other reason than I have been spending lots of time with my sweet family.  We had a wonderful Christmas, Santa was VERY good to all of us this year!  (I’m sure I’ll blog about that eventually)


Be still my heart.

Anyway, I think I’ve spent a large portion of this blog exploiting my semi-crunch and my love for being a mother.  What you probably fail to remember is that, not only am I a mother, I’m A MAMA.


Just a little FYI

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Elf on the Shelf Eve

I’m guilty of it and I know some of you are too.  The laughing (mocking, eye rolling) at the Elf on the Shelf ridiculousness.  One of the blogs that I have shared several times is People I want to Punch in the Throat about the Overachieving Elf on the Shelf mommies.

Okay, so let me be clear that I am NOT a scrooge.  I love silly and corny holiday traditions.  My husband, for instance, would NEVER allow us to have a fake tree.  He could give me about 1,000,001 reasons, all from his own holiday traditions growing up and then some.  I love all holidays and have a tendency to go overboard at times, which is what initially got me thinking.  My picture ended up on a website making fun of overachieving (?) parents with the implication that I, and other parents, do it only for social media attention.

Haters gonna hate

Apparently this is the equivalent to abuse

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Camera, come home

A lot has happened in the past couple of weeks since my last blog.

We had a fantastic time in Texas, Sophie was in her first pageant.

Everything was amazing, until yesterday’s events that have since left me heartbroken….

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“Do Whatever Makes You Happy”

I just can’t stop thinking about this,  perhaps I’m just a little shaken up from a phone call I received this morning.  (I will explain) I just have a little bit more to say about this whole ordeal.

If you’re from my sweet little hometown, you probably know what I’m about to start talking about.  There are very few people besides direct family that I would go out on a limb for when their character is questioned.   Mr. Neuman is one of those people.  When I look back on my years in school, despite being a wild (that’s putting it lightly) teenager, some of the best years in my high school experience were the ones that I was a student of him.

I know to some you might think I’m beating a dead horse, but again I can’t stay quiet when there is so much wrong being spread.  It’s especially hard that I’m all the way in Colorado, I feel practically helpless. There are many things that can get me fired up, but it’s not often that I get this heated over something back home.  The funny thing is I’m not even sure I would even feel compelled to defend myself in the manner I do Mr. Neuman, as this man does not have a mean, dishonest bone in his body.

My first time in FFA "official dress", Ricebelt District Convention in February 2000

My first time in FFA “official dress”, Ricebelt District Convention in February 2000 (I’m 2nd from the right, duh)

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I'm leavin' on a jet plane...

I’m leavin’ on a jet plane…

Since moving to Oregon in 2009, I (Sophie & I) have flown quite a bit.  Well, maybe not in comparison to some but I’ve flown more in the past 4 1/2 years than almost how much I flew my entire life prior to that.  I was going to try and count to give an exact number, but by the time I got to 2011 I was counting up to flight #31, #32 just since I left Texas.  It really doesn’t matter, I think you get the picture.  You know what I hear the most?  EDIT: I finally counted, her 50th flight will be in early January 2014.  CRAZY!

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Hey y’all, I’m on Twitter.

Yes, the blog has hit the Twitterverse.


Follow me.  If you don’t have a twitter, make one up and follow me.  Make your friend follow me.  Make your mailman follow me.  Make that awesome person who stands on the corner twirling the sale sign around follow me.

Maybe one day I’ll be awesome and have giveaways so you can win free stuff.

Yeah.  About that.  I gotta make it pretty.

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